VTR - Video Tape Recorder


Above is a D2 VTR, it is a high quality video tape recording unit for professional NTSC video. The VTR digitized the video to a digital format and stores it on a ¾ inch cassette tape. When the tape is played, the digital data is converted back to analogue NTSC video format for airing. The D2 format samples at a 4.2.2.


The VTR below is a Sony Betacam. This also is professional NTSC video. It records on the tape analogue.



The VTRs below are Sony HDCAM. These are used for high definition.


Sony D2 VTR below.


The old standard that every studio will own is one inch tape reel to reel VTR shown below.


All VTR units have adjustments for luminance, chroma and audio. These settings are important for broadcast levels. The signal can easily be over modulated and can cause distortion. Also signal level have to be within FCC regulations.



Television stations use consumer VCRs for recording tape for people to view programs at home. Sometimes a time code is burned into a window so the program editor can take notes on segments to be edited.



As you can see, VTRs come in many shapes and sizes.



Sony Batacam Sp


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